Frequently Asked Questions


how do you help with pain management

We offer  products that are all imprinted with 7.83hz which is the earths natural frequency and helps your body get back to its natural state.


How does our technology work

When the frequency technology comes into contact with your skin, through the water in your body, you are now resonating the same as the earth's frequency, which is 7.83hz. Thus the body can operate at its optimum efficiency and all signals are clear and are being sent properly. Once your body is utilizing its own energy it will reduce or eliminate body pain,regain your natural strength and balance, give you more energy, help you heal faster and aid in your quality of sleep. This will allow your body to completely ignore the thousands of EMF frequencies and let them pass through harmlessly.


How long does the Frequency stay imprinted in my jewelry?

Once the jewelry has been imprinted with the frequency 7.83hz it has a lifetime guarantee on the frequency, it will work just as well 10 years from now as it does today.